Training and Classes


Although Filipino Martial Arts were developed to be a deadly form of warfare, a student doesn't need to feel intimidated by training in Filipino Martial Arts. All training is supervised by Master Mosses, and practiced among friends in a controlled and safe manner. Everyone was a beginner once, and we have a great group of people willing to help you learn.

What should you bring to your first class? Yourself! You may bring Eskrima sticks if you have them. If not, no problem, you can borrow ours. Bottled water for breaks is a good idea. Wear comfortable athletic pants and T-shirt, basically clothes that allow movement, and you're ready to go!


Eskrima classes


You will learn to defend yourself incorporating three styles of Filipino Martial Arts:
Manaois Eskrima, Kali Ilustrisimo CNR, and Lameco SOG; these systems were
taught directly to Mstr. Mosses by three legends of Filipino Martial Arts: Grandmaster
Conrad A. Manaois, Grandmaster Christopher "Topher" Ricketts, and Punong Guro
Edgar G. Sulite.

Come see for yourself why these proven methods are sought out by
other disciplines around the world and why it is considered brutally effective.
With real sparring and real combat tactics, this method of training will enhance your
fighting instincts and the way you train whether you are novice or expert level.

You will start with Eskrima/stick fighting and progress right away to other weapons, including
swords and knives, empty-hands.
You will learn to fight on your feet, on the ground, with and against weapons. These days
you need to prepare for the unexpected. That is exactly how we prepare you to fight.

Prices: $135 per month or Drop in: $45

High-Impact Cardio -Kickboxing

Nevada's Exclusive Cardio-Kickboxing since 1990!

This program blends Western-style boxing with Filipino Martial Arts to transform your body and life! You will burn fat while building muscle-- increasing your endurance, flexibility, and balance. This is a high- energy workout that can burn 700-1000 calories per session! Students have fun while learning to punch, kick, and practice real-world self-defense in a friendly and safe environment.
Master Ariel F. Mosses's exclusive Total Knock Out (TKO) program has been improving student's fitness and health since 1990!

We welcome all fitness levels! No previous martial arts experience is necessary. This program is custom-tailored to your experience and fitness level. Whether you're just thinking about getting active, or you're in great shape, we can take you to a higher level.

Prices: $65 per month or Drop in: $18

Kids Classes

Could your child defend him or herself against an adult attacker? What about against multiple bullies? The real world can be an ugly place, and children are often victims. But there is hope.

It is just these types of scenarios that your child can be taught to survive. Under the guidance and training of Master Ariel F. Mosses and the Filipino Martial Arts your child will learn how to fight to survive and win. KidsFMA is a specially designed system of self defense taken from the concepts of Adult Filipino Martial Arts and tailored to the needs and abilities of kids.

Children learn to defend themselves using training sticks, training knives, and everyday objects such as pens, books, even spoons. In addition they will become well-rounded fighters learning to effectively punch, kick, grapple, and even to bite. KidsFMA will increase their self-discipline and confidence, teach accountability, and self respect.

Master Mosses has been teaching self-defense to children for over 30 years. Great attention is given to making their training safe in a caring environment.

Prices : $125 per month

Nevada CCW

Whether you are interested in learning firearms safety and basics, completing the requirements to obtain a Nevada CCW, or advanced tactical Gun, AR techniques.

Master Ariel F. Mosses is an NRA Certified instructor and authorized by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Master Mosses was employed with the Grant County Sheriff's office in the mid-1990's. He currently instructs close-quarter counter-terrorist programs for commercial airlines.

  • Close-Quarter Knife vs. Gun

  • Aggresive & Defensive Shooting

  • Strike and Shoot

  • Practical Draw from Concealed Carry

  • Situational Awareness

    Prices: $12O plus $2O for range fee - Renewal: $8O plus $2O for range fee

C.U.T. Civilian Urban Tactics training

The city can be a jungle.

These exciting courses have been developed to teach essential self-defense skills to people without any professional background in Military, Law Enforcement, or Private Security. The C.U.T. Civilian Urban Tactics courses focus on real world scenarios like car jackings, home invasions, active shooters, and other life threatening situations customized to be learned and remembered by anyone.

Of course Military, Law Enforcement, and Security are invited and encouraged to take theses courses (and we have received much positive feedback from participants with professional backgrounds), but again, professional backgrounds are NOT prerequisites. The classes included in the C.U.T program include:

  • Women's Street Defense

  • Blunt Weapons 101

  • Knife Basic Techniques 101

  • Gun Retention/ Accessing

  • Close-Quarter Gun/Knife

  • Close-Quarter AR Assault Rifle

  • S.A.F.E.

  • Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight

C.U.T. classes are always forming and fill up quickly, so check our Event Calendar often!

Prices: $145 for individual - Multiple/Group discounted (contact for more info)

Private lessons

Private lessons are a unique opportunity to learn in a one-on-one setting customized to your own personal abilities and goals. Anyone can benefit from Master Mosses personal instruction--whether a raw beginner or an experienced fighter. Individualized lessons are a great way to increase your abilities and reach your goals.

Prices: $145 (for one session)

$6OO (for five sessions)

$1OOO (for ten sessions)

"Master Mosses has had a huge influence and impact on my martial arts career.

In my 25 years of training, I have never met an instructor like him. Ariel's expertise is immediately evident the first time you train with him. I am continually humbled by his skill set and humility.

I am extremely grateful for all of the knowledge he has imparted to me."

--Lance Parvin